"Populus Romanus natura ordinatus fuit ad imperandum"

Dante Alighieri - De Monarchia

About Reghini

Mathematician, essayist, occultist, Freemason and neo-Pythagorean philosopher, Arturo Reghini (1878-1946) was a central figure in the literary and occult milieu of early twentieth-century Italy. While acquainting himself with established occult trajectories such as Theosophy and Freemasonry, Reghini’s main objective was the re-institution of the customs and traditions of Ancient Rome.

Reghini short biography

Arturo Reghini was born in Florence on 12 November 1878. Since a very young age his interest in the occult was noticeable and in 1898 he was among the founding members of the Theosophical lodge in Rome. Having obtained a degree in Mathematics at Pisa University, Reghini frequented the cultural milieu of the Florentine Scapigliatura, lecturing, frequenting literary cafes and writing on seminal journals such as La Voce

About me

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Gothenburg. My thesis analyses the interaction between Modernity and its impact on the Occult milieu of early twentieth-century Italy, focusing on Arturo Reghini as a case study.  Reghini was actively involved in most of the occult manifestations on the Italian peninsula during his lifetime.